The entire electronic devices which are using in the daily life are fully based on the certain operating system. Linux is an operating system used everywhere even in industries, phones, cars, refrigerator and it runs on the internet and supercomputer. It acts as an interface layer between the software and hardware. An operating system is software that oversees the resource of the associated hardware in the system.

Linux is not developed by different part of people and different organization. It was comprised of a number of pieces such as Bootloader, kernel (the core of the operating system), Daemons, The shell (interface of the terminals and allows to use many commands), Graphical server, Desktop environmental (which runs on the X server to provide a graphical desktop) applications. They are all independent and open-source software distributed in the source code form.

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A Linux distribution is often shortened to “Linux Distro”, one of the open-source Linux operating system. It is packed with the other components of management tools, an installation program, and additional software. The fundamentals tools for the Linux Distributions is Linux Kernel, often more comfortable for the users to deploy the old open source version of the Linux.

Linux Distribution is obvious a set of packages to generate an operating system. In general, install the operating system the tools available to the users in the correct order for the installation process using mobile apps While installing the software, the user interface allows and assists the users to choose their choice and be aware of the next step in accordance with the necessary information provides to the users. The user interface must understand and translate the user command to act upon. There is some assumption in the distribution packages that the how the system will set up. Different Linux Distributions are suited and work efficiently for the different purpose. Anyone can assemble their own distribution from the source code or the existing code and modify it, according to their requirements.


meetHow is it preferable than others?

Linux is an operating system by which the user can customize their software operations. Most of the files are activated or running with the help of operating systems which are highly sensitive to install and occupy. There are some indispensable considerations are available while installing the operating system on the specific device. The platform of Linux Distro is distributing a number of benefits to the user who are all looking for the admirable operating system.

Ubuntu is one of the many Linux Distro and it reveals some similar features as Linux. It will not perform like a window or some other Mac OS and the package will be single. This operating system will work in a unique manner and the Linux Distro is open source software which distributes a source code. Most of the Linux distributions have the finishing touches, for example, themes and customs service etc. The process of installation is pre-compiled and there is no major difference between the operating systems.
Linux distributions are performing like a Linux kernel and its software version should be updated and the system technology will support all the Linux software versions. This operating system will take some time to execute the result for a particular task. The desktop environments can be changed as per the platform’s specifications and its functionalities. In fact, the Linux desktop environment will be preferred by the people because of its 100 to 200 MB used memory which is stored in the system permanently.

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1) What is Linux?

Linux is an open source operating system which acts as a base under all the software in the computer. It is a mediator and communicates the requests from the software to the hardware of the computer.

2) Can I use the software that operates in Windows with Linux?

Windows software cannot work with Linux without any additional emulation software. You should install windows operating system to use Windows software.

3) Which Linux distributions are you supporting?

Our standard supports are Debian, Red Hat, CentOS, Ubuntu, and Scientific Linux.

4) Does Linux is a secured one?

Linux is one of the most secured operating systems. Viruses for Linux also exist in only a few numbers and most of the viruses for windows are unable to run in the Linux operating system. Thus it is a secured one.

5) What are Linux distributions or Distros?

Actually, Linux distribution is the complete operating system and Linux is just a part of the distribution with some added programs and software. Distros is the short form of Distributions.

6) How many Distros are there?

There are numerous numbers of distributions having own unique features with a common sharing as Linux Kernel. Based on the choice one has to select the required distribution.

7) Is there any cost to pay for using the Linux operating system?

Linux is an open source operating system that everyone can use it for free and also they can modify and change some features based on their needs and requirements.

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